You know the spiel, you know the names, you know that Camp of Champs is rad.  But the only way to know how smooth Martyn Vachon’s early ollies look to throwback Dido is to check out COC’s Week B edit.  Featuring Marcus Rand, Lucio Majer, Liam Robinson, Mark Goodall, Derek Livingston, Aiden Hryciw, Brin Alexander, Seb Judge, David Joncas, Lucas Ouellette, Nick Elliott, Coulton Conway, Tommy Van, Darrah Reid-MacLean, Max Eberhardt, Evan Stum, Martyn Vachon and Bryce Bugera, and a down flat that can barely stand after the heat it stood up to in this edit.

Edited by: Alex Bielawski
Filmed by: Alex Bielawski, Seb Judge