When a trip to China goes sideways, Kaitlyn Farrington (featured above), filmer Brian Hockenstein along with the rest of the SnowHunters crew find themselves documenting the Coronavirus Escape instead of a historic ski/snowboarding film, check it out.

CORONAVIRUS ESCAPE: behind the scenes

“After staying and filming in the village of Kohm – in the far reaches of western China – for two weeks for a documentary series Snowhunters, about the history of skiing, we found ourselves essentially in the middle of a global health epidemic as the novel coronavirus began to spread all over China and the world. After several days of the team trying to decide what to do as the situation grew more and more serious, we were told that we had to leave the country for our own safety. To make matters even worse, a snowstorm was keeping our drivers from reaching us on the far side of a large mountain pass and with the help of amazing local community members and government officials, an escort was arranged to get us out of Kohm and we were finally on our way home.” – Brian Hockenstein