There isn’t a more deserving soul.

YES, Jake Burton Carpenter is our Winter 2020 cover shot. We never questioned who we wanted on the cover, the only question was what image to use.

Jake Burton Carpenter looked forward to his annual BC backcountry trip and photographer Jeff Curtes has a solid collection of images of Jake riding here in Canada from the years they spent heli snowboard together. Upon browsing Jeff’s archives it was impossible not to see Jakes passion for the sport feel alive in each turn captured, he was a soulful shredder and that soul lives on in us, the snowboarding community.

We’re so fortunate to have so many images of this pioneer, but I won’t ramble too much because, SPOILER ALERT, there’s a Jake Burton Carpenter tribute feature in newest print Snowboard Canada mag that’s hitting stands now.

Get your hands on it for a tangible piece of Jakes’s past in both archival photos and elegant words by Ben Osborne.

Thank you, Jake.

Thank you, Burton, for supporting the sport.

Thank you, readers, for supporting Snowboard Canada.

FYI: Behind the Cover write up in print by the talented Jeff Curtes.