Coffee and Cigarettes is a 2003 Jim Jarmusch film that features legends like GZA, RZA, Iggy Pop, and Tom Waits in a series of vignettes centred on smokes and joe. Coffee and Cigs is a 2016 D-Day Snowboards team edit that features legends like Roach and Ranquet shredding Mammoth during this year’s Holy Bowly. In our opinions, both should be required viewing for anyone who wants to understand influence and innovation. Burns has some bangers in here, Gooner’s heavy with the mind-benders, and Levi Faust holds it down in the skate park. Roach’s board control remains on another level. Coffee and Cigs, ten straight minutes of Serious Delirium from snowboarding’s true school.

Filmed and edited by Adam “Beef” Ruzzamenti, additional footage by Dave Doman and Leif Draznin-French

Featuring Lucas Magoon, Vinny, Cody Horan, Levi Faust, Deadlung, Dave Doman, Chris Roach, and Mike Ranquet, Andrew Burns, and Jaromie the Homie