By now, you know it was good. You know the course was all time, that the rider list was insane. You know the boarding oozed a cloud of style they could see from space. But for us at Snowboard Canada, the story of Holy Bowl-EH was connection. The cast of Bowly’s inaugural Canadian instalment rode together, cheered each other on, celebrated stomps as a community. Support came from all corners of the international scene, from shops, industry heads, diggers, riders and organizers. No one rode alone, no one was a stranger, appreciation was the law of the land. It’s in the nature of organized snowboarding to separate, to divide us into categories. Bowly heals those divisions. But don’t take our word for it– we’ve got an ECS gallery that nails the vibe. Click below to launch the slideshow, featuring Martyn Vachon, Andy James, Jake Kuzyk, Ben Bilocq, Hikaru Taira, Louif Paradis, Tucker Andrews, Nic Heringa, Brandon Reis, Jesse Burtner, Beau Bishop, David MacKinnon, Taco, Tanner Davidson, Nick Elliott, Scot Brown, Forrest Bailey, Rusty Ockenden, and more. Subscribe for full Bowly coverage, dropping this fall in issue 25.1.

ECS x Holy Bowl-EH