Hometown: Orangeville, ON

Current town: Orangeville, ON

Favourite riders/crew to shoot with: Gordon Hall, Adam McLean and Chris Mullins.  

Favourite features to shoot:

Anything that is creative and different.

Current set-up: Canon 5d mark iii, Sigma 35mm F1.4, Canon 85mm F1.8 and a Canon 15mm F2.8 fisheye lens. 

Dream set-up: Canon 1dx Mark ii, Canon 24-70 F2.8 lens, Canon 70-200 F2.8 lens and a Hasselblad Xpan. 

Can you describe your style and approach to photography?

I always strive to have good, clean composition in my images. When I am out shooting I am constantly running around to find the best angle possible to do the trick proper justice and make it a pleasing image to view as well.  

Who are your biggest influences? 

My parents are definitely one of my biggest influences, they helped start my passion for photography and supported my decision to take photography in college and pursue a career with it. 

What determines when you go out shooting? 

For shooting snowboarding in Ontario the weather definitely determines when we go out shooting. During the winter months we could be outside skating one day, then get dumped on with snow the next. When the snow does come, we always have spots lined up and jump on the opportunity to get in the streets while we can. Another big factor that determines when I shoot is a lot of people travel outside of Ontario in the winter, either to California or to BC, so whenever my friends are home for the holidays we always get out and shoot. 

How do you choose spots? 

I usually end up shooting with my close friends who I have known for many years. Knowing and snowboarding with them for that long, I have a very good idea of spots they will be excited to shoot at. Other big factors are if a spot has natural speed, the amount of snow and the weather conditions at the time.  

How far do you typically travel to shoot? 

Since Orangeville doesn’t have that many spots, I always find myself driving one to three hours to shoot. With Toronto and a few other major big cities being fairly close, I always have options to go shoot in multiple cities with a wide variety of spots.