None. I grew up on a quarter section near Kananakis/Cochrane-ish.

Current town: Calgary, AB

Current set-up: 5D Mark III, 8-15mm fish, 24-70mm F2.8, 70-200mm, X3 Strobepro X600II

Dream set-up: 

A tour bus with a beer fridge and a travel budget, with no day job.

Favourite riders/crew to shoot with: 

SRD, BLP, Oil Country, Tanner Davidson.  Taco and Finn have been true pimps this year, picking me up and driving me to spots. Probably wouldn’t have shot anything this year if it weren’t for them.

Favourite features to shoot: 

Anything I’ve never been to before and that has some sort of unique element to it beyond the trick and the feature.

Least favourite thing to shoot: 

Sequences, might as well just shoot video instead.

First published photo: 

2013 SBC scouted for Tom O’Reilly on the triple drop rail in Calgary of all spots. I think I tried sending it in for like two years and then randomly out of the blue I was told it was gonna get used.

Who have you always wanted to shoot with? 

All my homies I already shoot with, haha. Ryan Hall! I grew up watching his and Dwayne Wiebe’s Sandbox parts. I pretty much bought the movies just because I wanted to watch their parts. They are actually the whole reason I started drinking Old Mil, haha. Ryan was also one  of my first snowboard coaches. I used to bug him a bunch to go shoot. Probably drove him crazy. Years later I started doing some photo and video for Artschool Skateboards which he rode for and we ended up becoming good friends. Never got to shoot him snowboarding though.


Can you describe your style and approach to photography? Who are your biggest influences?

I’ll keep it to snowboard photographers or the list will get out of hand – Frode Sandbech, Scott Serfas, Cole Barash, Andy Wright, Tim Zimmerman. I guess I mostly shoot street. I try and make the trick look as gnarly as possible rather than artsy since people are usually looking at the image for the snowboarding rather than the photography aspect of it. I’ve assisted with a few commercial photographers and started shooting a lot more portraits. I think that helped my lighting and attention to detail a lot. 

What do you bring with you when you shoot? 

I pretty much bring my whole kit with me. Sometimes when I’m trying to travel lighter I ditch my light but I usually just sacrifice my back and bring them just in case.

In your opinion, what equipment does every up-and-coming snowboard photographer need?

A camera that shoots in manual, a decent zoom, maybe some lights, a subscription to some snowboarding magazines, clothes that’ll keep you warm while you sit outside in the snow for hours, a crew of homies. Just get out and shoot.

iPhone or point-and-shoot?

Well I don’t own a point-and-shoot sooooo iPhone, gotta capture those hijinks. But sometimes it’s just nice to put away the camera and enjoy the moment.