There’s been a lot of talk about Full Moon lately, and for good reason– the girls absolutely f*ckin’ crushed it. But most of the coverage has been centred on the quarterback, the leading lady, the chica de la hora: the one and only Leanne Pelosi. In a couple of weeks, we’re going to print an enormous stack of magazines that we feel do a pretty decent job of expressing some of the reasons Leanne is unreal, so we figured we’d spin this retrospect on Friday night a little different. Chase a new angle, you know, like Johnny Utah at the Venice pier. So we’re gonna rap a bit about an element of Full Moon that’s been alluded a number of times, but seldom gets unpacked. See, as much as the film is a benchmark for ladies’ boarding, a check-in with the history, and a look towards the future, it’s also a crew movie– a very good one, at that.

The ladies of Full Moon, starting the adventure of touring their film. Abby Cooper Photo
The ladies of Full Moon, starting the adventure of their film tour. Abby Cooper Photo

The soul of Full Moon comes from friendship. The film achieves both feel and continuity, and both have the air of natural extension from the bonds between its riders. Hana, Robin, Helen, Annie, Jamie, Marie-France, and Leanne are each incredible athletes and extremely rad people, but the magic rests in the way they feed off of each other. They amplify each other’s talents, respect each other, and as much as anything have fun together. Behind the scenes, that’s been the source of countless inside jokes and hashtags (#weloveit, by the way), and at the Full Moon world premiere on Friday, September 16th, it was apparent on the screen. The girls, in segments that interlude the gnarly riding in the movie, do a great job of expressing the admiration shared between the tight-knit ranks of our sport’s female stars. They tell how inspiration bounces back and forth between them, and how snowboarding has grown for each of them thanks to the influence of their friends.

The mountains of Full Moon are some of the most beautiful in the world, as showcased by the premier's gallery. Abby Cooper Photo
The mountains of Full Moon are some of the most beautiful in the world, as showcased by the premiere’s gallery. Abby Cooper Photo

At that nexus of talent, experience, and the boosts the girls take from each other, the riding in Full Moon is insane. The ladies navigate pillow lines with finesse, adjusting between stages with quick, precise turns. When stacks are bigger and steeper (and they get crazy big and steep) the girls send straight lines into mega stomps (and sometimes hot tubs). Fast and fluid descents down enormous, wildly prominent peaks at Bella Coola Heli Sports show the unbelievable highs of Canadian freeriding, before the crew goes all out in a full blown Alaskan assault. Roller coaster sluffs greet them at the back nine of Alaska Heliskiing’s tenure, and chase them down some of the most raucously technical terrain in the world. At no point does it seem like the girls aren’t up to it– they totally rip.

Nobody in the audience took their eyes off the screen. Abby Cooper Photo
Nobody in the audience took their eyes off the screen. Abby Cooper Photo

Full Moon is a snowboard movie more than anything, driven by the energy that comes when snowboarders find inspiration in each other. Through all of the action you see the camaraderie that makes it work. The film offers much more, of course, and in a couple of weeks we’ll get back into it with Issue 24.1, but for now we want to leave it at this: on Friday the 16th, we saw the women of Full Moon talking to their young female fans, and we could see that the film has already started passing on the inspiration and openness that have brought women’s snowboarding to the heights of its current level. That’s awesome, and alone it makes the two-year project worth it. Congratulations girls, and great work.

You better believe these premieres have afterparties– shoutout to the Longhorn! Abby Cooper Photo

You can see Full Moon in:

September 16 Whistler World Prmiere 2 Showings @ Millennium – First Showing @ 7pm (all ages) & Second Showing @ 9pm (19+)
September 19 Seattle, WA @ EVO – 7pm (doors @ 6pm) Free Admission followed by free ladies skate in All Together Skate Park
September 20 Portland, OR @ Evo
Sept 22 Banff rude girls
September 23 Calgary with The Source Snowboard Shop @ Palomino Smokehouse (18+) 9pm (doors 8pm) – Free Show
September 24 Revelstoke with Society Snow & Skate
September 29th Burlington, VT – Champlain College Alumni Auditorium – 7:15 (doors @7pm)
September 30th Boulder, CO – Satellite Drive In
October 1 Waterloo Ontario Canada @ Shoeless Joe’s – 9:30 (doors @8:30pm)
October 1 Tofino, B.C Queen of the Peak @ Shelter Restaurant
October 6 Carlsbad, CA @ GoPro Office
October 7 Venice, CA @ Arbor
October 15 Red Rocks @ The Block Denver, CO 3:45pm, after the rail jam
October 13-21 Boston, MA @ Boston Winter Film Festival
October 22 Portland OR @ Timberline Snowvana Veterans Memorila Coliseum
October 25 Vancouver, B.C @ Rickshaw Theatre
December 3rd Winter Park Resort, CO

September 30-October 1 Warsaw, Poland Cinema Kinoteka Winter is my Love Festival
October 8 Wroclaw, Poland – Winter is my Love Festival
October 14 Poznan, Poland – Winter is my Love Festival
October 15 Lodz, Poland – Winter is my Love Festival
October 13-15 Snowboard Garden Festival Grenoble France
October 21 DIGS, Trondheim Norway
October 21 Shextreme Film Festival , London UK
October 22 Bielsko-Biala, Poland Winter is my Love Festival
October 28-29 Lublin Poland-Winter is my Love Festival