Halldor is a conduit for mind-benders– his riding marks a blend of impulsiveness and talent that sees him consistently break molds. In this full part, he seems to make decisions mid-trick, and shift seamlessly between axes, grabs, or features as ideas hit him. Paired with the commitment to step to anything and the resilience to take slams, it makes him one of the most watchable snowboarders in the game. Props on a banger part, Halldor!

Dayumm! Full Movie: youtube.com/watch?v=l1rthOHA8Bg

Filmer/Editor: Joe Carlino

Additional Filmers: Hayden Rensch, Kuske Fahlgren, Jocke Hammar, Marco Johnny Morandi,

Thumbnail Photo: Roby Bragotto

Song: Omega – Gyöngyhajú Lány

Sponsors: Monster Energy, Lobster Snowboards, atrip apparel, Von Zipper, Neff Headwear, Gopro, Switchback Bindings, 7-9-13 Belts, Kaleidoscope Skateboards