FULL PART: Jonat Ste-Marie

Hailing from Prevost, Québec, Jonat Ste-Marie is a seasoned street rider – the spicy kind. We always dig what he’s up to and this edit is no different.

BTS With Jonat Ste-Marie

Favourite filming location?
JSM: The old Quebec City!

The biggest stomp of the edit?
JSM: The first shoot of the edit FS board transfer to FS board to fakie. Driving 3 hours, shoveling 2 hours for digging the spot. It was puking snow, Jacko and I were riding with clear lens googles. Hit my head really hard on the grown a bunch a times, but David fisher and Mat Bonin got the shoot!

Whatcha cooking up this season?
JSM: Trying to film as much I can with my friend mob, really don’t know whats going on in the end! Just doing it year after year fueled by passion.

Anything or trick on your hitlist?
JSM: Secret.

Filming mischief?
JSM: Someone called the cops because the photographer was across the street with his tripod and someone thought it was a carabine [gun]! So a bunch of police cars came in all panicky and realized we were just snowboarding. Also, after I landed one of my tricks the photographer asked me to redo for a photo and I blew my chin open and had to get stitches.