April 22, 2018 was the last day for the iconic Catskinner Chair on Blackcomb. For those not in the know, Catskinner was a triple chair dedicated to the Blackcomb terrain park. Sure, it might have been one of the slowest and oldest lifts in all of Whistler Blackcomb, but it was the perfect chair to give your park weary legs a rest and to either cheer on or heckle your friends as they rode by underneath you. It was a mellow day in the Blackcomb terrain park for the final farewell, but the usual group of suspects gathered to pay tribute to this legendary chairlift. And fear not, Catskinner is being replaced by a high-speed detached quad chair for the 2018-19 season. This yet-to-be-named lift will get you to the top even faster, meaning more park laps in one day. You better start your squats and lunges training program extra early next fall. Check out our gallery below from the final day.

It may have been slow, but at least the view was killer. Chomlack photo

Colton Conway. Chomlack photo

Signature Kevin Sansalone style. Levitt photo

Derek Livingston. Levitt photo

Mateo Massitti. Levitt photo

Seb Toots. Chomlack photo

Craig McMorris. Chomlack photo

Tyler Nicholson. Levitt photo

Jadyn Chomlack. Levitt photo

Zak Hale. Levitt photo

Longtime Blackcomb terrain park manager, Brian Finestone, was serving up the last ever rides on Catskinner at the end of the day. Levitt photo

D-Mo shutting down the park for the season. Literally. Chomlack photo