May Flowers

Snowboarding isn’t always about blue bird days with waist deep powder, 70 foot competition-sized jumps, or the gnarliest street features. We all started out riding the local hill with frineds or family and sometimes it’s the simple things in life that bring the greatest pleasure. After Beaver Valley closed for the season last spring, they carved out a custom park and invited a handful of the best shreds in Ontario. May Flowers captures that vibe of shredding homies perfectly.
Ben Poechman:
“Terrain park design is heavily influenced by the competitive progression of snowboarding. This type of terrain influences the development of a rider and thus affects the evolution of our so called sport. May Flowers was designed for the purpose of creativity and enjoyment amongst a group of Ontario bred boarders.
It may not be the Holy Bowly, but it’s a step in the right direction towards a more diverse culture within snowboarding. If you compared the average skatepark in the early 2000’s to today’s parks you would notice a very clear evolution from a design standpoint. Major thanks to Caleb Bosse and Beaver Valley Ski Club for making this happen”