Summer’s officially over, and the good folks at Pacific Boarder are skipping fall. Tonight through Sunday marks their Winter Launch, the fourth annual #snowboardingissomuchfun. It’s a sale, it’s a party, it’s a gathering of Vancouver’s scene– and with Absinthe Films premiering /fterForever at the Rickshaw just after the event, it’s the start of a night that will turn your preseason hype to 11.

Tonight’s for VIPs, but we’ve got your back– tell whatever enormous bouncer PB hired that you’re a Snowboard Canada reader and you’re in.  If you’re 19+ they’re probably set you up with a Banquet.  And if you’re one of the first 50 through the doors it’s gonna rain swag.  Friday- Sunday they let the riff-raff in, but it might be worth checking out anyway– each of the three North Shore mountains gets a day to give away a pass, and there are extra savings on some of PB’s most poppin’ brands.  Check the poster for full details, watch the video below, then come celebrate the good times ahead with your people.