Beau Bishop and his friends took full advantage of this winter, charging the Coasts and North Cascades with authority.  We’re loving how this one captures the feeling of charging towards a feature with your homies, catching enough air to feel float through the apex of your hit, and landing clean in a field of blower.  With these nine minutes of POV goodness, you can live vicariously through Beau, seeing what he saw as he and the boys made 15/16 a season to remember.  Featuring Jody Wachniak, Matt Belzile, Andrew Geeves, Andrew Burns. Alex Cantin, Phil Jacques, Shin Campos, Rube Goldberg, Andre Benoit, Robjn Taylor, Geoff Brown, Trevan Salmon, Wiley Tesseo, Johnny Brady Jr., Cody Wilson, and Chris Rasman.