Canadian snowboard legend DCP has joined the Rip Curl global snow team. As a longtime shredder and surfer, it’s a great partnership with a brand invested so heavily in both sports.

Here’s the official press release from Rip Curl:

It is with great pleasure that Rip Curl welcomes snowboard legend DCP to global snow team. Joining the ranks alongside recent Rip Curl inductee Chris Rasman, Rip Curl is making a statement in the snow world, by designing quality gear for athletes pushing the search to its limits.

Known for his hard charging style in the back country, DCP has been a role model to many riders for more than two decades! DCP not only lives the Search in his backyard of the backcountry of BC, and mountains across the globe but also on the coast searching for swell. David is an avid surfer, and for that reason fits the Rip Curl brand perfectly.

When asked about his recent signing with Rip Curl DCP responded:

“I am super grateful to be joining the Rip Curl team I have [a] true love for snowboarding and surfing and that’s how I live the search, that’s what keeps me going new terrain, new waves, places where you can do both. That’s my search”