by David MacKinnon

Let’s not kid ourselves, you know why you’re here. The Best Slams of 2018 doesn’t need an intro. 10 Canadian film crews, 10 fierce slams– let the bloodlust take hold and scroll.

Put it in the Bowl – Teilhard’s Chicken Wing

Video courtesy Liam Hall

Just like Teilhard Volk did last season, let’s get right into it. While this bail technically happened in 2017, it’s so vicious we had no qualms fudging the numbers. Teil came into his 17/18 season hungry. This was the first spot he hit, and unfortunately he snapped his collarbone. He came back strong in the spring, ripping Dawn of the Village a new one and proving the downtime didn’t shake him. Check Put it in the Bowl’s DOTV edit for the footage, and keep an eye out for Teilhard’s full comeback this winter.

BLP – Taco’s Closed Out

Video courtesy Manu Calvo

Taco battled at this spot. Committing to this rail means getting locked in at the bend, and from there it’s a straight shot to a post and barbed chain link. This board-breaker could have been a lot worse– it was just about Taco’s face that got focused– but believe your boy got the make. Check out BLP’s Young Perspective for the footage, as well as countless other hammers from the Calgary killers.

Powderhounds – Mikey’s Viral Half Flip

Video courtesy Aaron Leyland

When this clip hit Instagram, the world finally turned on to what snowboarders have known for over a decade: Mikey Rencz is a star. The half backflip went viral– it was one of Powderhounds’ most shared videos, and it attracted the eyes of some major internet players. We can’t confirm or deny this, but one rumour is that ViralHog offered Rencz a lifetime’s worth of sled gas for the rights to the clip. What we do know is Mikey turned down all licensing offers, not wanting to be known as ‘the half-backflip guy’.

Dinosaurs Will Die – Kai’s Second Story Shaker

Video courtesy Colton Feldman

Imagine falling flat on your back from a floor and half up. Not much more needs said about this one, except that Kai Ujeski is a soldier. Make sure you scope Dysfunctional Family to see the rest of his footage, including a narrow escape at this same spot.

The Bruners – Seb’s Heeledge Hammer

Video courtesy Julien Choiniere

The Bruners hit heavy spots, and the fact that this was the worst bail from Bruners 3 speaks to the skill they’re bringing to the streets. Seb Picard came just a little too heavy on his nose into the roof, but controlled the fall well– it seems like he’s already thinking of the next try mid-slam.

SRD – Jack’s Jacked

Video courtesy Matt Bryson

Jack Lawrence coming into Godzilla switch, hot, and loose is a spicy premise; whatever goes down is gonna have some zazz. In this case a wobbe past the point of no return sent him for a bellringer. It takes Jack a second to realize what happened, which is perfect– by the time he hollers it’s OK to laugh. This is the same spot where Finn Westbury broke his leg, a piece of Calgary steel with a tendency to mangle. Switch BS 50, Buckaroo.

The Uninvited – Darrah’s ChumbaWumba Montage

Video courtesy The Uninvited

It’s no secret that Darrah’s bails have won her a reputation. But to quote Rocky, “it ain’t about how hard you’re hit… it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” Darrah takes the energy of her slams and converts it into stylish, distinctive hammers. You can see the grit of the process in her tricks, and it makes her one of the most progressive riders on The Uninvited crew. From jumps to rails to transition, Darrah keeps grinding– her bail sequence from The Uninvited is testament.

The ManBoys – E-Jack’s Pillow Explosion

Video courtesy The ManBoys/Alignment

Eric Jackson only filmed a few days with The ManBoys in 2018, stopping in Whistler en route to Alignment’s Northern BC dreamland. He spent those days bashing pillows with Matt Belzile, Chris Rasman, and Rusty Ockenden, and heavy sessions ensued. With a crew like that pushing each other in a classic Whistler pillow zone, you know there’s gonna be at least one slam. E-Jack’s rollercoaster ride made us cringe, and with the Instagram ripple it made last January it grabbed an early spot as one of the Best Slams of the Year.

Oil Country – Darcy’s Step-down Splatter

Video courtesy Evan Lavallee

Sometimes the best bail is the one that makes you laugh. Tim Nelson had just stomped a first T cab five on this Trunk Road stepdown, and Darcy Keller was next to drop. He threw down a classic bathtub, and splashed his way into the first repeat appearance of our Best of ’18 feature.

YES. – Mark’s TentLife Toedeo

Video courtesy YES. Snowboards

Mark Tremblay’s a mountain man, and this North Face take on the Forum Stepdown has everything but the make. We’ve got mad respect for the battle– cab rodeo 7 is a gnarly trick for a stepdown, and this spot has a history of keeping things just out of reach. Mark’s part in YES. It’s Been Ten Years shows the French Canadian’s talent in all things backcountry– keep your eye on this Quebecer!

You should be ashamed of yourself taking so much joy in other people’s pain, and on a Sunday! Come repent with us tomorrow as we end the year on a positive note with the Best Tricks of 2018.

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