S-Games is the realness. The event, presented by Society Snow and Skate (a brick and mortar shop in Revelstoke), brings grassroots boarders from across the West together to test their mettle against a big ol’ pile of snow. Contests like the S-Games showcase the ingenuity and drive of folks who build their lives around boarding, people who put in countless unpaid hours to give our tribe a reason to get together and stoke each other out. They’re not about prizes or bragging rights, not about TV spots or sponsor dollars. They’re about giving boarders a day to rip, let loose, and to enjoy our sideways community. Our homie Kieran Brownie (@browniephoto) just hit us with a recap and some photos from this year’s S-Games– we’ll let him take it from here:


The 6th annual S-Games went off with a bang last weekend in Revelstoke, BC. With the resort’s addition of a terrain park this year it isn’t odd to see rails and jibs on the hill, but for the 5 years prior it was the one chance for Revelstoke’s rippers to show off their skills and have one hell of a party in the process. The last three years have witnessed an increased number of heavy hitters rolling in from around the province, and for 2016 the Dinosaurs Will Die team showed up as special guests. The range of skills, ages and styles of the riders in this contest is astounding, but even more so is the stoke-filled crowd that seems to encourage and acknowledge each and any rider who drops with loud cheers and shouts of encouragement from the beer garden. It’s definitely a scene that booms with positivity and stoke.

Karl Jost, the owner of Society Snow and Skate (the local shop that presents the event), manages to juggle the shop, event organization, course building, and prize compiling for the weeks leading up to the big show. Each year he looks exhausted the evening before the contest, but somehow by the next morning he is always fully charged and firing on all cylinders (despite having consumed a couple wobbly-pops). He’s a dedicated dude, and at the event it’s clear that seeing soul-driven boarders charge off the hip makes it all worth it for him.

This year the contest consisted of a jib-course, and the classic S-Games hip; a monstrosity of snow that will eat the timid and destroy the strong. Most who were willing to sacrifice their meat (and able to hold on through their landings) were rewarded, though there were some chargers who got chewed by the spring snow behemoth. Local talent Taylor Roberts ended up deep in the tents on the deck of the landing, Erik Gelling went the opposite direction and found the flats, and both limped away to cheers from the crowd. James Coombs greased a method that had women fainting and men crying and ended up walking away with the Best Method Award. He would have taken the $1000 purse for 1st in the Hip but Mike Graves sent a huge front 3 over the whole damn hip and stomped it for the win, on the last hit of the day!! Congrats Mike!

The jib scene was going off, shrubbery, tents, and all. Matt Butel, Kael Hill, and John Graff rolled in from the prairies. The Oil Country Crew was spotted. Alex Stathis and the rest of the Dino Crew were getting gnar and a few local Revelstoke riders were throwing down with the rest of them. Kael Hill took the prize with an astounding number of rotations exhibited on and off of every object he could snowboard on. A true talent that kid is (check out his street-boarding part from this winter here). Rachel Johnson a local ripper and Society Shop Team rider took first in the Women’s Jib.

I can’t believe this event is 6 years deep already. From its humble beginnings as a completely hand-shovelled course, to this years winch-cat sculpted hip, the contest keeps progressing. It’s hard to imagine where it will be in another 6 years, or even next year– the only thing that seems guaranteed is a good time. So whatever else you’ve got going on as Spring ’17 rolls in, be at S-Games. Hitchike, ride your bike, find yourself a van, whatever, just make sure you’re in Revelstoke to see the next chapter of this event unfold.