Seb Toots flows from Montreal’s high point, bringing his signature style to a new perspective on Canada’s favourite city.  Bus-accessed face shots in a cut that reminds us the whole world’s a snowboard park.

From Sunset Films:

Mt Royal is a large volcanic-related hill or small mountain in the city of Montreal immediately west of downtown Montreal, Quebec, the city to which it gave its name.

The hill consists of three peaks: Colline de la Croix (or Mont Royal proper) at 233 m (764 ft), Colline d’Outremont (or Mount Murray, in the borough of Outremont) at 211 m (692 ft), and Westmount Summit at 201 m (659 ft) elevation above mean sea level.

Filmed and Edited by Sunset Films with Red Digital Cinema, Angenieux lenses, Tiffen Filters, Core SWX, Gopro, Cartoni, Syrp

Instagram/twitter: @sebtoots / @sunsetfilms

Sponsors: O’Neill, Red Bull, Oakley, Nitro, Lifeproof, Giro, Empire shops.