Introducing Canada’s first indoor ski and snowboard progression park, The Axis Freestyle Academy.

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Axis Freestyle Academy (AFA) will be Canada’s first all-in-one, year-round DRYSLOPE freestyle training facility for skiing and snowboarding. Planned to open for spring 2016 and located conveniently in the City of Vaughan (Hwy. 400/Bass Pro Mills Dr.), the 20,000sq.ft facility will be equipped with custom high performance trampolines, a variety of jumps and rails, foam pits, a gym and yoga studio. This facility will be designed with all athlete levels in mind, from the beginner riders who have the ambition to ride in the terrain park to advanced riders training for competition.

The key to progression and mastering tricks lies in practice and repetition. AFA provides a year-round venue for athletes and enthusiasts to perfect their skills off the slopes while minimizing the inherent risks associated with freestyle sports.

We strive to promote health and wellness through physical activity while building the confidence to take it out on the snow and land those tricks.

We aim to:

  • Provide a safe challenging place for snowboarding, skiing (and similar extreme sports), allowing participants to develop as athletes.
  • Offer lessons from snowboard and Ski coaches.
  • Our lesson plans will provide a structured/layered approach to snowboard and ski freestyle by our coaches.
  • Provide an alternative to team sports, an opportunity for healthy activity, to develop motor skills and balance in youth and the young-at-heart.
  • Attract visitors (freestyle enthusiasts and spectators) who enjoy snowboarding & similar extreme sports.
  • Create opportunities to foster creativity as each rider develops their own personal style and skills.
  • Promote social opportunities by bringing different ages and social groups together, encouraging interaction and appreciation of each other; bring families together who enjoy riding as a family.
  • Encourage youth to interact independently and develop socially, learning how to take turns and help each other learn new tricks.
  • Provide opportunities to host jams (competitions), presenting freestyle sports in a format that people can understand and appreciate. It is a great spectator sport!
  • Teach the importance of a positive attitude and belief in oneself. To progress in freestyle riding, trust and believe in yourself!

This is just the beginning of what’s to come! Aim, Focus, Achieve

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