We’re part of something bigger and we’re each an important part of it. Own your part, play your part, and see beyond yourself. A beautiful film presented by The North Face, Facets.

“Each of us are part of a greater whole, a community that grows stronger together especially when it’s open to all. Leanne Pelosi, Jess Kimura, Marion Haerty, Mary Rand, and Amanda Hankison show us just that. A unique look at these inspiring athletes that make up one hell of a portfolio. This one is for the next generation of riders carving their own paths.” – The North Face

Leanne Pelosi

“It’s an honor to share this space with these 5 women who all have different stories to share. we all come from different backgrounds, perspectives and need to lean on each other to lift each other up. It feels special to be apart of such an inspirational crew and not be the token girl! There’s space for all of us in the mountains 🙏🏼” – Leanne Pelosi

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