By David MacKinnon, portrait by Derek Weimer

Alberta snowboarding has the world’s attention, and the sense of community between riders in the province is stronger than ever. Finn Westbury and Taylor Davies are among the boarders pushing cowtown shredding– Finn’s contributions have set the bar for creativity and ambition, and Taylor is on the come-up with a heavy bag of tricks. We hit them up between early season COP laps to get perspective on their scene. Line up your glasses and throw a steak on the grill– it’s pure Alberta Premium for this week’s Tuesday TwoSix.

Been boarding?
T: Quite a bit! Getting out to Sunshine, COP, it’s been sick!

F: We’ve been really making the most out of it. Sunshine opening day was awesome– everyone was up in full force. SRD, BLP, the 587 group from Edmonton, etc. You’d be in the lift line surrounded by so many homies. Lucio is back on home turf for the first preseason in many years, so that’s been super special having him back in the mix for a little bit.

T: Some other BC people came out too, like Quin Ellul, Brin Alexander, and more.

Taylor Davies. Jared Anderson photo

Finn, congrats on Beta. You part was so sick. What’s it like coming off a big season like that?
F: I’m just excited to snowboard. More than anything, JJ’s back boarding and I’m stoked to ride with him. I’m feeling good, really glad that lifts are spinning.

Tay, are we gonna see footage from you this year?
T: I’m planning on filming a street part with BLP. It’ll be my first year riding street so we’ll see how it goes– hopefully stack some clips! I’m gonna try to get out every day.

finn westbury
Finn Westbury. Brett Mills photo

What tricks are ready for the streets?
F: We’re gonna need to see a back lip from you– put that down!

T: It would be sick to get a back lip, I’ve been working on front board pretzels too. I don’t have huge expectations. I’m obviously hoping for the best, but it’s my first year riding street. It’s gonna be a lot different from riding park but I have high hopes.

F: I’m gonna take a second to plug the BLP homies– I’ve seen some of their clips from last year, and Taylor will be in good hands with those guys. They’re on a roll.

Taylor Davies. Jared Anderson photo

BLP, SRD, events like Back to the Village– Alberta’s scene is fire right now.
F: It’s amazing. We could probably both go on and on, but it’s just really good right now. There are a lot of people that are down to board and who are fun to board with. Calgary and even Edmonton have been filmed in a lot more lately. I think having guys like Bode and the Melodrama crew come out last season is a testament to this.

T: There are so many groups that ride street and everyone’s down to hang out together. If we head out to Edmonton those homies come out, if we’re at Sunshine there’s always a handful of people you know and you’ve always got someone to lap with. Same with COP– everyone’s been coming out and lapping the progression park since it opened. It’s sick.

Finn Westbury. Brett Mills photo

Say I’m a shredder from Ontario or Minnesota or something and I want to come board in Calgary– where do I start?
F: That’s so tough to say. If you’re coming to board street just go to a classic spot like triple flat and catch a session– natural speed rails that have been in videos for so long. If not go to Banff? I don’t know (laughs).

T: If you’ve been watching videos you know what spots to hit! It’s so easy to hit up people on Instagram too, just ask where’s a good spot or something. Or if you wanna hit the mountains, you have so many options. You’re gonna have a good time.

Shout-out to Alberta as a whole, too many people to name. Lots of sick movies coming out of AB this year like Buckaroo from SRD, Young Perspective from BLP, Oil Country, 587– keep an eye out for those, shout-out to them!

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