FULL PART: Tyler Morton

This guy! Heard of him? He’s currently trying to become Canadian and after watching this part, I’d say he’s allowed in. Meet Tyler Morton in video and words. Once again, nice work on the edit Mr. Ryan Kenny.


Age: 32
Years boarding: 22
From: America.
Living: Squamish BC.
Likes: Snowboarding
Also likes: driving his custom converted truck that runs on waste vegetable oil.


Where did you film this?
TM: Whistler, Revelstoke, and Tahoe.

Any epic bails?
TM: I bail a lot haha. Maybe the double backflip attempt?

The best part of your season?
MT: Strike mission to Tahoe last April with Justin Kious and Ryan Paterson to ride powder. We found awesome lines and conditions were all time!

Smoothest landing?
TM: FS3 on a backcountry kicker. It was the first jump of the season so I was pretty hyped to get that.

Quote of the season?
TM: “Stay young you young man.”

Words to live by?
TM: Ride to Live Another Day.

Guilty pocket snack?
TM: Bacon and cheese.

Whatcha working on now?
TM: Filming with the Out of Service crew in Whistler.

We’ll be checking in with Tyler and the Out of Service Crew soon, until then, happy shredding, stay frothy friends! (froth supply here)