Watch & Ride Giveaway

Fraser Johnston, founder of the new virtual snowboard school, Watch & Rideis offering a sweet deal to those who want to improve their skills on the slope. He will be giving away 200 passes to his online lessons which include easy to follow tips and videos to demonstrate each new technique, all taught by a certified professional. Watch & Ride is in partnership with Sun Peaks Resort so once you’re a member you can receive 25% off lessons with an instructor!

How to claim your prize:

1. Click here to sign up

2. Create an account

3. At the checkout insert coupon code “snowboardcanada” for your free membership

4. Start learning and improving


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About Watch & Ride:

Watch & Ride is an exciting new, Kelowna, BC based startup delivering the world’s 1st Virtual Snowboard School. It is in partnership with Sun Peaks Resort, Canada’s 2nd largest ski area, and allows snowboarders to improve online and in-person at a fraction of the cost. With a Watch & Ride membership, users can access online snowboard lessons anywhere, anytime and also receive a 25% discount on lessons with an instructor at Sun Peaks.

The video lessons featured in the Virtual Snowboard School have improved 1000’s of peoples riding on snow. They are real lessons that get real results, taught by a certified instructor. The lessons have been tried and tested over 6+ seasons during traditional in-person instruction at resorts in BC, Canada.

Watch & Ride’s proven system the ‘5 How To’s of Snowboarding’, simplifies your learning curve. Each ‘How To’ is individually targeted and improved with specific lessons. These lessons are categorized into 3 skill levels: green, blue and black; just like the slopes.

The journey from idea to innovation for founder Fraser Johnston (28) started in 2010 when he moved from Scotland to Canada to become a snowboard trainer. Over several seasons coaching instructor-training programs and certifying instructors for CASI, he fell in love with the science of snowboarding.

“I hope to evolve the way people learn and improve on their board, ensuring they can ride fast, fun and safe, giving them the ultimate experience on the slopes. By making online lessons conveniently accessible W&R’s goal is to grow the sport of snowboarding and raise awareness of the value of taking lessons,” says Johnston.

There is a large gap in the up-take of lessons between snowboarders and skiers. Most snowboarders either take 1 or 2 lessons at the start of their learning journey, then once they are mobile, never take one again. Or never take a lesson and are just thrown down the hill by their friends. Where as, skiers are known as being life long lesson takers no matter their skill level. Due to this, snowboarders are tarred with the reputation that they are dangerous and out of control. Unfortunately, many do lack safe technique without even realizing. Watch & Ride believes it can provide the inspiration and innovation at an affordable price to shift cultural attitudes that has made snowboarders reluctant to take lessons.

Fraser Johnston says, “it’s a joy guiding people to reach their potential on snow, and watch them surpass milestones of what they thought was physically possible.”

All you have to do is “watch and ride” to gain new skills and master the mountain. When everyone is in control and has a solid understanding of technique, the slopes will be a safer and more enjoyable place for all skiers and boarders.