In the “Whatcha Doing” series, we’re asking our favorite snowboarders what’s keeping them busy during isolation. On this “Whatcha Doing,” we catch up with North Face Athlete Ben Poechman. Hi Ben!


Ben is equal parts, snowboarder and artist. His preferred mediums are stone, paint and of course snow. You can find all things Ben on his Instagram or Website.


What have you been doing during isolation?
BP: It was a soft start to isolation for my partner Megan-Anne and I. Early on we borrowed a friend’s canoe and went up north of Pemberton to scour the beaches for interesting pieces of driftwood. As the seriousness of the issue progressed, we reverted to more isolated activities such as hunting for quartz crystals. Whistler is rich in quartz, so we’ve been able to localize and spend afternoons rooting around little cracks in the bedrock unearthing ancient treasures. For the last few weeks, of peak isolation, I have been locked at home painting new works. In the evenings, we’ve been knocking down documentaries left and right, getting learnt on important topics that affect us and all of humanity.

What have you been wearing during isolation?
BP: My go-to outfit during all of these activities has been these outrageously yellow, The North Face fleece overalls! The chest pouches house all my fine tools, and crystal findings, all while feeling like I never left the comfort of my bed.

Ben in 2018’s May Flowers

How are you keeping stoked during isolation?
BP: Honestly the most exciting aspect of this period has been education for me. Learning about space, black holes, mushrooms, farming, data rights, and privacies. Though it’s challenging to reduce the level of physical activity, it’s such a great time to exercise our minds and expand awareness.

Best snowboard moment of the season?
BP: Just before shhhhtuff hit the fan, in early February I was lucky enough to travel to Japan for the first time on behalf of The North Face. It was the trip of a lifetime, even despite the comparatively low snow levels. Being a natural freestyle rider, I was able to see the infinite possibilities in the forested landscapes we navigated through daily. So yeah, the moment of the season was basically a week straight in Japan, right before the world shut down. 

An oldie but a goodie!

Any words of advice or thoughts to pass along?
BP: Be responsible, and find new ways to explore the vast wilderness that surrounds us. Turning knowledge into wisdom is an endless expedition of the mind, body, and spirit. Never stop. Always adapt.