Whistler Blackcomb: Magnetic

Anyone who has ridden Whistler Blackcomb knows how it pulls you in with its steep alpine terrain, perfectly manicured parks and acres of gladed trees. If you live there, you dream about your next line, if you don’t, you dream about going back. “Magnetic” epitomizes the draw Whistler Blackcomb has on people around the world. This first-ever, full-length, ski and snowboard movie, will be released Fall 2017. Check out the official trailer to see what Magnetic is all about.

From Whistler Blackcomb:

Full length ski and snowboard movie coming Fall 2017.

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There is an indisputable draw, an irresistible allure, a pull so strong that skiers and snowboarders the world over gravitate to these famed peaks. This is Magnetic – the first-ever, full-length, ski and snowboard movie filmed entirely within a single ski area – brought to you by Whistler Blackcomb.

Presented by: Whistler Blackcomb and TELUS
Directed & Produced by: Jeff Thomas, Darren Rayner, Graeme Meiklejohn & Origin Design & Communications
Starring: Stan Rey, Justin Lamoureux, Jesse Millen, James Heim, Craig McMorris, Eric Hjorleifson, Evan McEachran, Helen Schettini, Ian Morrison, KC Dean, Teal Harle, Robin Van Gyn, Dean Bercivitch, Mikey Ciccarelli, Legan Pehota, Matty Richard, Devun Walsh, Annie Boulanger PY LeBlanc, Mike Douglas, Marcus Culver, Mikey Nixon, Alexi Godbout & Friends.

Shot 100% on location at Whistler Blackcomb.

Whistler Blackcomb is pleased to release the trailer to their upcoming feature Magnetic. Magnetic is a visual distillation of why skiers and snowboarders are drawn to the Whistler area. Filmed entirely and solely at Whistler Blackcomb, the film will be the resort’s flagship piece of content for the 2017.18 winter season. About 30 minutes in length, the movie features athletes with connections to the Whistler area and filmed by local, high caliber talent. The concept, Magnetic, focuses on that power of attraction that has drawn skiers and riders to Whistler Blackcomb. That beckoning call of the mountains. That hypnotic power of the area that keeps athletes coming back again and again. The film will be released free online in the fall. Below is more information on the creative team responsible for Magnetic.

Creative Team & Production House: Origin Design & Communications. Origin is a full-service, digitally driven, creative and marketing agency specialized in outdoor sports and tourism. Origin has been Whistler Blackcomb’s agency of record for over 10 years, providing creative direction, strategy, and oversight to projects such as Embedded and 50 Years of Going Beyond.

Lead Director: Jeff Thomas, Director of Video Production at Origin Design & Communications. Jeff is an award winning outdoor/adventure and commercial video producer with over 13 years of film making experience. Jeff comes to Origin after 5 years as a producer, director, editor, cinematographer, and colourist at Switchback Entertainment, and 8 years producing feature length snow sports films for production companies such as Poor Boyz Productions and Level 1 Productions.

Associate Director: Darren Rayner, Producer and Director at Magnafire and Darren Rayner Media.  An award winning editor and director, Darren will lend a creative yin to Jeff’s yang. His list of past clients include Red Bull Media House, Level 1 Productions, ESPN, Monster Energy, Sherpas Cinema, and Oakley.