Featured image – Evan Riddel [o] Isami Kiyooka

Banff AB – Holy Bowly is back for a third year at Sunshine Village! Marking the 10th birthday of the event, the course was looking better than ever. A true staple in snowboarding, Snowboy Productions did not disappoint with one of the most creative courses seen to date.

Thank you to Krush, The Snowboy team, Sunshine Village and sponsors Libtech, The Source and Airblaster for supporting this event and making this happen once again.

Photos by Chris Corbett, Isami Kiyooka and Edwin Poulston

Laura Rogoski [o] Chris Corbett
Liam Gill [o] Chris Corbett

Last rideout [o] Chris Corbett
Truth Smith [o] Isami Kiyooka
Liam Gill [o] Isami Kiyooka

Micheal Modesti [o] Isami Kiyooka

Parker Gonnet [o] Edwin Poulston
Parker Gonnet [o] Edwin Poulston
Chad Nicholson [o] Edwin Poulston