As we witness a new chapter unfold in Canadian snowboarding, The North Face steps up to support a fresh wave of emerging talents, among them Michael Modesti from Alberta.

“Growing up in Edmonton Alberta competition riding to eventually moving to Calgary and pursuing street snowboarding, Michael Modesti is one of the most talented and hard-working upcoming snowboarders right now. Mike brings big talent and skill matched with an eye for style and a tasteful spot and trick selection. “- Jakub Brown, Filmer

In the art of making snowboarding videos every detail counts – with style reigning supreme. From the way you ride, choice of spots to even your attire, every aspect contributes to crafting a compelling video part. Yet, functionality is equally crucial; concrete landings and rough ledges demands gear that can withstand the rigors of street riding.

This is precisely why many, like Michael, turn to The North Face. Recognizing its capacity to complement and elevate their style and performance, riders trust in its durability and functionality. “It’s a challenge to find gear that keeps pace with me, but TNF outerwear delivers”

As the spotlight shines on the next generation of street riders, The North Face’s dedication to supporting emerging talents shines through in all aspects of snowboarding. Michael Modesti epitomizes this new wave, pushing boundaries and redefining what’s achievable on the board.

Check out his full kit for the streets below.

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