Words by – Edwin Poulston

Title photo by – Sarah-Jo Wasylkiw

Krush giving his day 1 speech [o] Chris Corbett

This year was my first time heading to Holy Bowly and the excitement was real as I knew it would be something special. A few days before the event you start seeing friends from all over North America start popping up on Instagram stories with the hashtag #roadtoholybowly and you know the annual migration has begun. This year the destination was high in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta at Sunshine Village. Snowboy Productions has been in the game for 25 years and head honcho Krush Kulesza built the best course to date with the help of Arena Snowparks talented cat drivers. Holy Bowly is truly the epicenter of snowboard culture for a short time, bringing together riders of all styles. The week was not without its challenges as the crew battled changing light as well as 15cm of snow mid-event. However this didn’t slow down the energy and riders were lapping the course until their legs hurt, finding new lines until the final day of the event. A massive thank you goes out to all the builders, rakers, boarders, people behind the scenes, and especially the main sponsors: Snowboy Productions, Lib Tech, Arena Snowparks, and Sunshine Village.

Nic leading the last day ride out [o] Chris Corbett

“From the first rake to the last ride out, Holy Bowly embodies what it means to be part of this community.” – Chris Corbett

Vern Petty, Backside Rodeo [o] Edwin Poulston

“It was amazing to have such a broad collection of boarders be brought together. Everyone was meeting new people and hyping each other up. The community is everything and this event did a great job in strengthening it.” – Vern Petty

Nic Heringa, One foot handplant [o] Edwin Poulston
Keenan Filmer [o] Brad Heppner

Blake Paul, Miller flip [o] Edwin Poulston
Dane Menzies, Method [o] Chris Corbett
Vern Petty, Nose Butter [o] Edwin Poulston
Tj Koskela [o] Brad Heppner
Darrah Reid Mclean [o] Chris Corbett
Tanner Davidson [o] Edwin Poulston
Full 2022 Holy Bowly course [o] Edwin Poulston

Holy bowly recap, filmed by non other than Matt Bryson