Words and Photos by Rob Crenson

You know what always separates the weekend warriors from the core of the industry —the springtime. When everyone else’s minds have different onto lakeside hangs and working in summer toys, a select bunch continue to strap in.

In this case, hiking in 25 degree temps for 2 hours to the top of Seymour with camping gear and as much beer as you can pack, all to hand carve a quarter pipe. That’s dedication. The 8th annual ECS invitational went down this past weekend, and like previous years continues to showcase why it’s one of the dopest events in the in the pacific northwest.

When trying to get details for when everything was going down on the mountain, I was told by Dinosaurs Will Die founder, Jeff Keenan; “It’s a pretty loose program up there. No real schedules. Just come on up whenever and bring supplies”. That wasn’t the first time either someone used the term “loose program” referencing the contest. The ECS brings together a bunch of tight riders who regular the North Shore mountains and Whistler during the winter. Some camped the night before, some were just getting settled for the night.

Through the afternoon, causally scheduled heats and sessions were held on a mix of features that were all built into a small back bowl off the third peak at Mt. Seymour. After a couple open jam sessions and some eliminations rounds, the remaining riders were Colton Conway, Ben Bilocq, Keenan Filmer, TJ Koskela, and representing the ladies, Darrah Reid-Mclean.

After a heated back to back session between Colton, Keenan, and TJ, which included some of the biggest airs the contest has yet seen and a number of cripples and rodeos; one winner had to come out on top. Consistently boosting 10-15 feet out and landing some ridiculous rodeos, Keenan Filmer claimed the top spot and soaked down the bubbly and the infamous trophy.