Words & Photos by Chris Corbett

Vancouver saw its first premiere of the season hit and what a way to kick things off than a European street trip!

Antisocial skate shop welcomed the snow hungry crowd as we geared up for our first premiere from Kennedi Deck, Finn Westbury, Emma Crosby and more.

Whilst both ‘Are You OK?’ and ‘Are you a friend of Dorothy?’ were filmed separately on different trips, both took some incredible riders to explore the streets of Europe in places such as Romania as well as Utah and some home turf in Canada.

The vibes were high, photos and artwork were set up in the back gallery and people left hungry for more!

We caught up with Finn on how it was filming/riding for ‘Are You OK?’

“Travelling was great! We all aligned on spots and filming, so it was easy to spend so much time together. It was only natural to go to Europe. Everyone in the video is European apart from me. They came here for a month and then I spent just over a month in total over there. It was a tough year for snow so we also felt like we had to get over there to be productive. It was a nice balance!”

Photo gallery by Chris Corbett