Words and photos by David MacKinnon

On Saturday, March 16, the fourth Baked Salmon Banked Slalom went off. Thanks to the hard work of volunteer diggers, the course was the best it’s been– smooth banks and tight transitions challenged riders and rewarded flow. Pierce Smith and Sara Niblock won the men’s and women’s open categories, with Cash Cooper, Zakk Harman, Amelia Pelchat, and Akasha Weisgarber taking first in the other divisions.

Adjacent to the course ran practice berms, hips, and a rail garden, all of which saw heavy sessions throughout the day. The riding was fast and loose– Rube Goldberg sent methods over the top hip, Mike Rowan put on a back lip clinic, and Ben Poechman found speed for weaving cross-court lines. Attendance ran deep, with strong contingents from Mt. Mtn, The Uninvited, Dreams, and of course the Salmon Army. The community vibe was strong– every rider up there felt it, and added to the magic as it spread on high fives and hollers.

Baked Salmon comes from passion, dedication, and love for snowboarding. Year after year, it reminds us that our sport is defined less by individual achievements than collective fascination. An enormous thank-you to the organizers, volunteers, and riders who make Baked Salmon happen, and to Mount Seymour for providing an amazing venue. Another one’s in the books– we’ll see you at da fifth.


Groms (age 10 & under)

  1. Cash Cooper  (00:43.1) 2. Josiah Kuhn (00:48.6) 3. Kanon Ling (00:49.7)

Groms (age 11-16)

  1. Zakk Harman (00:40.6) 2. Nikolas Pavlakos (00:42.3) 4. Jesse-Fin Groot (00:43.7)

Youth Girls (age 11-16)

  1. Amelia Pelchat (00:44.6) 2. Sophia Walters (00:47.9) 3. Hannah Russel (00:51.5)

Open Men

  1. Pierce Smith (00:37.5) 2. Madison Ellsworth (00:37.8) 3. Joel Loverin (00:38.1)

Open Women

  1. Sara Niblock (00:41.3) 2. Alexa Weglan (00:44.5) 3. Frédérique Joncas (00:44.5)

Master’s (age 37+)

  1. Akasha Weisgarber (00:39.1) 2. Rube Goldberg (00:39.4) 3. Derek Wintermans (00:40.0)

Full results here.

Shout-out to Salmon Arms, Dinosaurs Will Die, Union Binding Company, Capita, Cariboo Brewing, and Timebomb Trading– y’all are beautiful.