Word on the street is that the “Back to the Roots” edit is going to be a frothy one. Of course, we couldn’t help but ask for the inside scoop, we nosy like that. Twenty-eight-year-old Patrick Parent from Drummondville QC spills some beans on the project.

CREW: Back to the Roots

Film: Back To The ROOTS 
Crew: Jeremy  Cloutier, Jonat Ste-Marie, Thomas Gagne, Dave Brown, Eric Ramirez, Patrick Parent, and friends.
Filmed and Edited: Marc-Olivier Brunet.
Shout Out:Karl Morrisseau, the owner of Boutique Adrenaline in Chambly, QC. This guy is really passionate and contributes a lot to the industry even after so many years. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHOP!” – Patrick Parent.

Partial Back to the Roots crew.  Jaysson Gallant photo.

Q+A with Patrick Parent

When did you start filming?
PP: We started the project last winter (2019)

Have you all worked together before?
PP: Jonat and I have been on Boutique Adrenaline’s team for a couple of years now and shot many spots together. Marc-Olivier was working in the shop back in the days and was always around. We all met in one way or another at snowboard events, jams, etc.

How did the crew come together?
PP: Marc-Olivier usually specializes in hip hop music videos with local artists in Montreal. He decided to take a break from it all during the winter and he always had an interest in snowboarding. So we met at a spot as soon as there was a little snow out there to shoot some clips ( Jaysson Gallant was taking photos). Jonat lives up north nearby St-Sauveur where most of the others homies are based, so they know each other well. We started filming together and that’s where we got the idea to create something.

In your eyes, what was the raddest moment of the season?
PP: When Jéré hit that huge kicker with a transfer over a fence to a downrail, pulled by Jonat’s pickup truck. I mean, it was an “all-in” situation.

Best trick stomped?
PP: Probably the triple kink I hit last season. Always stoked to land a feature like that with all my teeth.

From Back to the Roots, a soon to see two year project. Marc-Olivier Brunet photo.

What’s the vibe behind Back to the Roots?
PP: Most of us have already been involved in different film projects, everyone will soon reach their 30’s or already past it and we all have some kind of career besides snowboarding. So we thought that “Back To The Roots” sounded good. It’s like even though things are evolving around us, we still can meet at some point to get some clips and have fun.

Will there be an encore or TBD?
PP: We are on a 2-year long project, we will see after the first movie’s out.

Where did you film?
PP: Quebec.

Weirdest moment?
PP: Corona Virus.

Broken boards?
PP: Haha! 2 or 3 per season at least…

Shout outs?
PP: Want to thanks Karl Morrisseau, Boutique Adrenaline, Patrice Sabourin, Taylor Ricci, Thomas Jonhson, Christian Leroux, Marc-Olivier Brunet, Bryan Allie, Jaysson Gallant, all the Back to the Roots crew, my girlfriend for sure, Mom and Dad.

More from these boys soon. Marc-Olivier Brunet photo.

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