Ben Bilodeau joins the NOW team!
 We’re thrilled to welcome Ben Bilodeau to the NOW Global Team. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Ben can always be found in a local snowboard park, and loves taking his riding in the streets to get creative with the urban landscape. We’ve asked our newest team member a few questions to get to know him better and see what he’s all about. So read on and be sure to see more of him in the future. Meanwhile you can find him on Instagram at @bloodysneakers . 

Ben loves to ride the streets, this time wall riding in Pittsburg. Photo Mike Heikkila

Where were you born?
Salt Lake City, Utah.

How did snowboarding come to you?
My school had a program that took us up once a week. I did it with my friends that I liked to skate with.

Who did you look up to growing up and why?
Anyone in the videos I loved to see what was possible. The street snowboarding always had me tripping.

Where do you shred mostly? What’s your local mountain?
Lately I’ve been going to Woodward Park City. I tend to get bored in terrain parks though, I’d rather be challenging myself and street snowboarding is my favorite place to do that. I’ll take a mental breakdown in a public setting over a day riding a chairlift.

Getting tech in a DIY setup in the woods near his SLC home. Photo Riley Nickerson

Is urban riding your main love or do you like to shred it all?
I’ve always loved the accessibility of street snowboarding. I like to do it all though.

Do you plan to translate your skills to the backcountry at some point?
I’d love to get a chance to show that I like to ride anything, hopefully soon.

Who’s your main riding crew?
It feels like that’s always changing but I got a couple people I hit up to go with most times.

What do you have planned for this season? Any projects on the horizon?
Might be working on a lil something. Working on it.

Our new SLC local on the NOW team, Ben Bilodeau. Photo Riley Nickerson 

What do you hope to accomplish in the next year riding wise?
I always just want to put out footage that I’m proud of.

What’s a perfect day looking like for you?
Sun up to sun down at the SLC rail garden.

How stoked are you to join the NOW crew?
I’m super excited, I’ve been a fan of the bindings for a long time and am grateful to be included in the team.

What do you like most about NOW bindings?
The bindings are super comfy. I like the extra movement you get with the Skatetech and how the bindings move with me, it feels more natural.

Switch front board in the stormy woods. Photo Riley Nickerson

What bindings do you ride? 
The Select Pro and the IPO.

What’s your stance?
Goofy. +6 in front -6 in back, and the width always changes. 

What board/length do you ride?
Mostly 153 PUBLIC Dispute, it’s perfect.

What’s your Insta Handle? And why the name?
@bloodysneakers, idk I’m bored of it.