Deep Winter 2019: Kieran Brownie BTS

The Deep Winter Photo Challenge is a grind at the best of times. Six photographers compete during a 72-hour window, shooting primarily inbounds at Whistler Blackcomb to create unique perspectives on the resort through short slideshows. This year, snowboard photographer Kieran Brownie was invited to compete. He was recovering from knee surgery, and couldn’t ride his board (or ski for that matter), but he accepted the invitation. Kieran put himself in a box, embracing the constraints and shooting his entire slideshow from gondolas, chairlifts, or areas accessible by foot. He and his team took second place. “SkyBrownie” gives a look into their process, and reminds us that a group of determined snowboarders will stir up rad from just about anything.

Kieran’s slideshow is online at a password protected link. We’ll leak the viewing instruction in our Insta story this week. Shout-out to Whistler Blackcomb for running Deep Winter year after year– it’s always one of our favourites!