Tittle photo by Chris Corbett

Words by Edwin Pouslton

The 11th annual ECS Invitational went down this past Saturday up Mount Seymour. The temp was high, the vides were high, and the tricks were higher. Without further ado, some words from the main man himself:

“What a day! I am still astonished by the support and turnout to this “event”. The spot for the quarterpipe this year was not chosen till Thursday afternoon, and as Jessie and I were hiking up through a trail that went back and forth from snow to dirt I was getting ready to postpone it until global warming seemed to be over. As we reached the spot where the “spectacle” had been held before it was mostly exposed rock, so we trekked a little further and found a nice mound in the forest that never knew what was coming in the next few days. Turned out the 11th ECS Invitational could not be stopped, like salmon slowly swimming upstream to parish people started popping out of the woods like a horror movie it was on. Thank you to everyone, we did it again whether we should have or not.

Thanks to everyone who made it out! Jessie and Ben for hard work on the QP construction, Kevin and Dave for helping dig, and the night shift for shoveling and providing security overnight.” – ECS (Evan Chandler-Soanes)

In the end Liam aka @Halfpipeguy / @Boobeyes took the top spot after an almost never-ending final.

Please enjoy some photos from Chris Corbett and myself from the event.

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