Words by Isami Kiyooka

Photos by Isami Kiyooka and Chris Corbett

Starting november 3rd 2022, for one week only Fleeting time by Ben Ferguson, presented by homestead productions and redbull media house premiers for free on redbull TV. The two year project by Ben Ferguson is one you can’t miss out on. The non-stop action is paired with a playlist-worthy soundtrack curated by Ferguson, featuring incredible snowboard action from the peaks of Alaska, deep snowpack of the Rockies, to even an indoor halfpipe in Japan. 

Ben Ferguson [o] Blatt photo

Ben features his brother, Gabe Ferguson, along with snowboarding’s biggest names: Travis Rice, Mark McMorris, Danny Davis, Red Gerard, Hailey Langland, Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, Mikkel Bang, Brock Crouch, Kaishu Hirano, Raibu Katayama, Mikey Ciccarelli, Luke Winkelman, Jared Elston, Curtis Ciszek and Austin Smith in this film. Each rider has a creative selection of tricks, making each part vastly unique. Featuring an indoor halfpipe in Japan with Kaishu and Raibu made for some of the best reactions from the Vancouver crowd and I am sure everywhere else. While Mcmorris and the others stomped some of the craziest tricks in the backcountry. Ferguson also included clips from spring park sessions, where you could really feel the excitement  through the screen. This film truly showed the diversity in snowboarding, by not restricting itself to being just a backcountry film.

“This is a passion for snowboard project, there’s no hidden meaning while talking, just good music and something to get you snowboarding. Something to get you hyped up and on the hill” – Ben Ferguson

Live DJ at the Vogue [o] Isami Kiyooka

The Vancouver premier for fleeting time we attended was hosted at the Vogue theater in downtown, the venu allowed for an amazing crowd and seats were completely full by the time the movie had started. The entire crowd was really hyped for this film, speaking to Jody Wachniak I asked him why he’s excited for fleeting time and this is what he had to say : 

“I wanted to see Ben Ferg get the support from his sponsors to see how good he really is. Since Ben as a back country rider is magic. Bens one of the best and I cant wait to see him in this film” – Jody Wachniak

Fans taking photos with Mark Mcmorris [o] Isami Kiyooka

The passion for snowboarding really speaks through the screen, the love for snowboarding by Ben is really something else. Fleeting time is available to stream now on redbull TV. I cannot recommend this film enough, Ben and everyone involved killed it with this project.

Click here to watch fleeting time, starting November 3rd the film will be out for a week exclusively on redbull TV

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