Photos and words By Isami Kiyooka

Title photo: Tanner Wagner

Grouse Parks just opened it’s infamous park set up for the 21/22 season. Currently having the paradise park and the cut hike park open, the mountain has eight features for boarders of all skill levels.

Paradise Park – A two-line park set up next to the greenway chairlift. It consists of 6 features, a left and right lane for beginner and intermediate park riders. This year, the right lane has the famous barrier presented by nitro snowboards, transitioning into a small flat-down rail then finally a bench feature.

The left lane is mellow with a rainbow box, a flat down box, and finally, a flat box for a fun cruise, suitable for anyone.

Cut hike park – A two feature small park at the top of the cut and next to the screaming eagle chairlift. Currently has a medium-size pontoon tube next to a perfect Salmon Arms down rail. Perfect for a hike session due to its gentle slope.

Thank you to the park crew for all the hard work and especially Marcus Cartwright for the setup this year!

Sophia Walters
Mark Goodall
Edwin Poulston