Tittle Photo by Mike Yoshida

Recap photos by – Maximiliano Garcia & Isami Kiyooka

The first ever Halo-Halo event presented by Snowboy Productions just took place! Just like the Filipino summer dessert it is named after, Halo-Halo aimed to bring together various BIPOC voices and talents in the snowboarding industry. The dessert itself is a delightful combination of shaved ice and a colorful array of layered components, all meant to be mixed together before enjoying. Similarly, the event seeked to create a unified space where amateur and professional snowboarders, industry leaders, terrain park builders, filmers, photographers, and youth outreach organizations can come together to build, ride, and document a unique snowboard park on the slopes of Mt Hood. By bringing these diverse voices together, Halo-Halo aims to foster conversations, create connections, and celebrate the richness of snowboarding culture.

Maximiliano Garcia [o] Emma Dubrovsky

“I truly feel Halo Halo has changed the lives of all involved. Snowboy made it possible for bipoc riders, media, builders and industry personnel to create a countless amount of irreplaceable life long memories and connections! I am excited to see the trajectory of all the participants going forward in and out our industry!” – Maximiliano Garcia

Joe & Lando [o] Maximiliano Garcia

“I’m back in New York and I’m still marvelling at the structural integrity of the experience. I’ve never seen so many different cultures and races represented on all facets of a snow sport produced event. Krush and Snowboy Productions really have set the diamond standard to how we want things to look like in this industry. I’m forever grateful.”- Joe Kanzangu

Karlos & Isami [o] Maximiliano Garcia

“To be able to share this space with other riders from all sorts of cultural backgrounds, and to celebrate and ride together was truly a dream come true. Events like these speak volumes to the industry that we’ve been here and are here to stay” – Karlos Jeri-Wahrhaftig

An event like none other, watching Halo-Halo was watching and participating in the progression and future of snowboarding. Thank you to Krush, Smiley, the builders, media, riders, staff, Timberline, Airblaster, Db, Diecutstickers.com, Shred Foundation, the Service Board and Technically Doing It for making this event possible

Photo recap by Isami Kiyooka and Max Garcia

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