It’s a group effort. Donate to watch. Teaser below. Send a screenshot of your donation for any amount to Group-Effort-donationsforBLM through the Venmo app, or donations made through the BLM website and send your screenshot to this crew for the password. LINK here. 100% of donations will go to the Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation.

“With most of us coming from all over the country this truly is a Group Effort. The name says it all, we came together as a group of riders with varying styles and ages with one common goal. To have fun with the homies and capture some life-long memories during an unforgettable winter. This project is a result of our passion and love for snowboarding, which we thought we could turn into love for others by sending the donations to The Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation.” – Thomas Higgins


Location: Filmed mostly in Denver Colorado and summit county colorado.
Who’s in it: Tanner Seymour, Mitch Holtz, Ayrton Lehmann, Stephon Deifer, Christian Sparks, Kyler Duncan, kyle Chudoba, Steve Lauder, Kyle Roles, Matt Krei, Jeremy Dahlby, Tory Ward, Tom Higgins, Mac Webb, Mark Pairitz, Theo Caye and friends. 
Filmed by: Tom Higgins, Mac Webb, and Cody Holmes.
Edited by: Mac Webb

*Cover image of Dillon Ojo by Chad Chomlack from the Snowboard Canada Archives.