Thank you in Finnish. Some members of the Buck Hunters crew from BC headed out to Finland to take in the euro street vibes and take in some new culture.

Corey Kowalski, Meghan Mccallum, Mike Rowan and Austin Dubois, influenced by the European streets finally made the trip a reality. Whilst this was booked in August and not knowing that the BC weather would drop as much as it did, they pay homage and thanks to the Finnish weather being the best snow they have seen in years!

Corey: “We bought our tickets in August, was crazy the way the season went for snow on the west coast and then waking up to powder in Helsinki!”

Travelling through Helsinki, Jyvaskyla, Kuopio and Lahti, to get the goods and stack the clips.

Watch Kiitos below!

“The School Said No Snow Castles being built here”

Meg Mccallum 50 whale tail ledge
[o] Corey Kowalski

Mike and Corey clip check

Mike Rowan 50-50 DFD
[o] Corey Kowalski