The very first LAAX OPEN TAG TEAM Crossover Slopestyle Session took place this winter, a new showcase with freeskiers and snowboarders riding the upper section of the slopestyle course. 6 mixed teams with 3 riders each had to hit the course together and be creative as a team. The true spirit of Freestyle sports was on display, as it was all about having fun riding together with your buddies. Team SERENITY with Fabio Studer (Ski), Maxi Preissinger (Snowboard) and local rider Xeno Lehnherr (Ski) took home the first TAG TEAM title.

TEAM RUGGLI, Laax Tag Team

Thoughts from our editor.
Mixed events. Wild. But should they be wild? Sliding on snow is and always has been about comrade and adrenaline. Not appreciating each other’s sport is a thing of the past. Sliding with style deserves respect and also a fresh perspective no matter how many planks we’re attached to. No doubt skiers tackle things differently than we do. I’m not saying let’s do this all the time, heck no, snowboarding is snowboarding and we’re dang proud of that, but every once in a while? Why not, it’s entertaining. PS. Remember the Gibbons Style Session? We did mixed teams in Canada a few short years ago, maybe we should do it again? Share your thoughts on IG!