Words by – Jarrod Au, Photos by – Reuben Krabbe

How long have you been riding at Sun peaks for?

It’s a bit tough to say. I started riding at Sun Peaks at about age 10, and was a skier until I started noticing how cool snowboarding was and begged to try it around age 14. l’d guess I’ve been riding at Sun Peaks for about 14 years or so.

What is it about sun peaks that makes you keep coming back?

It’s the community and the nicely rounded terrain. Sun Peaks has that excellent ratio of good conditions, fun terrain, a good terrain park and a solid community. Other resorts might have better terrain but no park to play in on the bad conditioned days. Or a super transient community that makes it hard to stay when friends always leave after a season. Every time I come back to Sun Peaks it feels the same, like coming home and is always a good time. To some people that’s boring and I get that. But for someone like me who lives to ride and was able to build a career in this area that I know so well, it’s been amazing.

What is your favourite zones to shred on the mountain, and why?

I find myself sticking to the Crystal Chair and Sundance a lot. I love the long, fun runs from the top for something of an adventure, and am a big fan of nerd turns and side hits so I enjoy the playful groomers that those two areas offer. I definitely have my secret pow spots, but sorry I gotta keep those a secret! Always gotta say I’m a sucker for park days because it’s always fun in there.

Describe your most memorable day at Sun Peaks.

It’s hard for me to pick, but one is for sure opening day a few seasons back when all the “Put it in the Bowl” gang were living here and we all went out for the most epic opening day Sun Peaks has ever had. There was so much snow you could basically ride anywhere with some sick side hits. We rode all day in a huge party train and there was one lap under the Sunburst chair that was ridiculous. It wasn’t quite covered enough that the Bike Park berms were still sticking out so riding full pin down there was like riding in a river boat over huge waves. It was insanity of the best kind and the amount of hootin and hollerin from us and the chairlift riders was hilarious.

What would you say to riders who have never been to Sun Peaks to stoke them out?

I’d say if you’re looking for a mountain that just lets you truly “play” and has overall steady conditions and sunny days, you’re in the right spot. Whistler is for those looking to really excel their riding. Big White has more pow overall and so does Revy, let’s be honest. So if you wanna do fun laps with your friends, have
a fun village experience and visit some rad local businesses come to Sun Peaks!

Give some advice or tips from a seasoned local to a first-timer

Check out the runs from the top of the Crystal Chair, and don’t be afraid to dip into some tree runs along there and also Sunburst if you’re an intermediate or advanced rider. Take a walk through the village in the evening, the lights are stunning and we have amazing little shops like “Alpine Images”. We have excellent après spots and some amazing small business cafés like “Vertical” and “Bolaccos” that have made their mark in our community. “Ohana” is a new deli and spot for some amazing select foods to fill your fridge for your stay. Take your time! This is a small place with a mellow vibe!

For more information, visit https://www.sunpeaksresort.com or check out their instagram, which I would highly recommend for anyone planning to book a visit!