What’s snowy, steep, and has midnight sun? Norway. And Norway is epic. Check out #LOFOTONICOTOUR and prepare to add it to the bucket list.

Michele Guarneri


The Norwegian mountains of Lofoten Islands are deep in the Arctic Circle and their powder descents are a real freeride paradise. A dream destination for any splitboarder. Thanks to Frisco Van, last February this dream became true for 5 friends. The Lofoten Islands have a stunning and wild beauty about them, it’s impossible not to fall in love with them. Amazing landscapes, never-ending sunsets, steep powder lines that sink straight into the sea, and even a surf session under a heavy snowstorm. “It was really an unforgettable mission!” says Federico Romanello.

The crew by Federico Romanello


Riders: Federico Tognoli, Federico Romanello, Alberto Drera, Michele Guarneri, and Elena Foglio.
Filming: Federico Romanello, Michele Guarneri. Federico Tognoli, and Alberto Drera.
Editing: Federico Romanello
Special Thanks: Frisco Shop https://friscoshop.it/

The crew, snow to shred and surf to slay, could it be more perfect?!
Photo by Federico Tognoli

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