Mini Interview with Isami Kiyooka

Isami aka is an up and coming young photographer from North vancouver, BC

above: Colin Jay & TJ Koskela

SBC- What’s your name? Where you from?

Isami- My names Isami Kiyooka!
I am from North Vancouver BC

SBC- I heard you’re still in High School? How old are you? How long you been photographing?

Isami- Yeap! I go to Carson graham but also attend argyle secondary for half the year to do the DMA program for photography and graphic design
I am currently 16 years old in grade 11 and I’ve been shooting for around 1 year now

SBC- That’s amazing! What are your goals for your photography? What other arts do you practice?

Isami- Honestly I just want to capture my homies as much as possible and meet more people through this amazing art! Hopefully one day it can become a career too!

Isami- Other than photography I am really into graphic design and art in general, it’s super fun to get creative with different types of art and exploring the styles within it

SBC- What’s your local hill? Where do you shred mostly?

Isami- Grouse mountain! I love the place, the park is super well managed and built with care. The park it’s self is top notch but what I think what really makes it special is the tight community with all the homies up there! Everyone is so supportive and I couldn’t ask for another crew to shred with

SBC- Really stoked to see such young homies getting into snow and skate photography! Thanks for the chat! Is there anyone you wanna give a shoutout to?

Isami- I definitely wanna give a shout-out to everyone in the grouse parks community, they really make the mountain special and whats kept me there for the past 6 years! And thank you Marcus Cartwright for running such a sick park.

Isami- Thank you so much for this interview possibility dude! I’ve been reading the mags since I started boarding and working with you has been the dream

SBC- My pleasure! hope to see more of your work in the future and hopefully in print!! Keep it up!

Scroll down for Isami’s Grouse Gallery!

Bryan Bowler
Kody 69
TJ Koskela
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