Hey there, nice to meetcha Núria Castán Barón!

We caught up with Núria in Golden BC at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Freeride World Tour stop earlier this year. Nuria scored a wildcat spot and has been making a big name for herself internationally this season. Hailing from Spain we wanted to catch this lady shredder while she was on Canadian snow.

FAST FACTS: Núria Castán Barón

Age: 22
Hometown: Almoster, Spain
Currently living: Benasque Valley
Favourite Mountain: Cataperdis Peak
Sponsors: Head Snowboards, WearColour, Mammut Swiss 1862, and Cerler-Aramon.

Núria Castán Barón photographed by Abby Cooper

JUICY QUESTIONS: Núria Castán Barón

How did you get the wildcard spot on the 2020 FWT?
NCB: I had good results in the last two seasons, 3rd overall and 2nd this
year. Last year the last contest was canceled so I could not
change the result. This season I did just one competition, a four-star qualifier and I won, so when someone dropped out on the tour due to injury they called me in as a Wildcard.

How does FWT compare to any other comp you’ve done?
NCB: It’s really different. They organize the event to be all as
a “family” and they take care of the riders.

The most exciting part of the tour so far?
NBC: At the moment the most exciting part so far has been finding out that I would be joining for the whole tour. Also, there are some places that I have never been so it is good to explore different places and get more adventures in the book.

What have you learned on the tour?
NBC: What I have learned most is the way that everybody is supporting each other to perform at their best no matter the categories and confidence.

The biggest challenge of the FWT?
NBC: Try to perform as I know.

Everyone competing refers to the “FWT family” – do you feel there is a
family vibe with in the competitors?

NBC: FWT is small comparing to all the riders that compete in the FWQ, and so on the FWQ everybody does their own groups to travel and to pay the
expenses. The riders on the FWT are fewer and more supportive of each other, so I think there is this FWT Family feeling between us.

Thoughts about mentorship in the snowboard industry and if you’ve experienced it elsewhere?
NBC: It’s no secret there aren’t as many female snowboarders in the FWT -how do we reach these snowboarders to get more women on the tour?
It is hard to make it to the FWT, just the best snowboarder of each region, each season that come first can make it (Europe, Oceania, and America). That is why we need to push the snowboarding level and show what female snowboarders can do!

Words of advice for those looking to pursue the FWT?
NBC: Work hard, be patience, and all the things will come. When you think you can’t do it anymore, this is the best moment to not give up.

Well, Núria Castán Barón, you’re not only a rad female rider, but you’re also encouraging and graceful with your words. Thanks for hanging at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort with us and best of luck at Verbier Xtrme!