People thought we were out of our minds when in our first collection of 1990, we presented the “Retro”, a 171 swallow-tailed powder board which we designed as a tribute to the early, surf-inspired days of snowboarding. And we basically kept a swallowtail board in the line every year since then.

However, the most challenging boards to design are the ones that look quite ordinary, as they must work in a variety of conditions and for many riding styles and levels. For most of us, a well-balanced all-mountain board is still the best choice.

We take pride in offering boards in all price categories, too. Not everyone can afford high-end boards and we feel a responsibility to make products also for slimmer wallets, so more people can go out and enjoy riding with their buddies. And we proudly design rental boards that equal our in-line models in tech, function, and looks. A snowboarder is a snowboarder, we are all one community.

We’re doing our best to describe each board model for you here, explain the technical details and differences so you can choose your stick of choice. The best purchasing advice we can give you is to go out and test our boards. Many of our shops are running demo events and programs.

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