Cover photo – Mayor of grouse parks, Kiseo Hong [o] Isami Kiyooka

Grouse mountain just opened on November 19th, officially starting its 2022/23 season. The mountain this year will feature vast upgrades including a rope tow and and its famous side cut park. But while we wait for that to open up in a couple weeks, they had their paradise park and greenway chair up for opening weekend. The vibes were high and everyone was stoked to be back boarding, thanks to the crew up at grouse that made it happen!

Colin Jay made a quick recap edit and a photo gallery by Edwin Poulstin, Isami Kiyooka and Claudia Rebizant is featured below!

Watch the edit here

Mark Bramwell [o] Isami Kiyooka
Keenan Filmer [o] Edwin Poulstin

Mark Bramwell [o] Claudia Rebizant
Ben Poechman [o] Isami Kiyooka
Austin Baran [o] Isami Kiyooka
Adrian Tonko [o] Edwin Poulstin
Jay Wexler [o] Claudia Rebizant