⚠️ If you scare easily don’t watch this ⚠️
Out of service’s 3rd place film at this year’s Intersection. They went with a different style than their usual videos and went with a Horror film. This snowboard, ski and snowmobiling film was shot and edtited in 12 days for the Whistler ski and snowboard festival.

Snowboarders – Sledders – Skiers
Geoff Brown Andrew Munster
Cody McNolty Mark Tremblay
Alex Beaulieu-Marchand Kalle KJ Johansson
Craig Gouweloos Tate Varela
Tyler Nicholson Jordan Phillips
Curtis Gage Andy Messner
Sam Standing Teal Harle
Jesse Mathews
Elliott Dionne Craig Gouweloos
Vanessa Chan Liam Fowler
Griffin Elsley Max Sagadore
Mitch Smith Marcos Miranda
FPV Drone
Braden Dean
Geoff Brown
AD (Horror Segment)
Craig Gouweloos
Geoff Brown Liam Fowler
AI Video
Marc Donahue at Permagrin Films
After Effects & Computer Graphics
Geoff Brown
Special Thanks Robin Taylor, Jared Aresh Munster And Sam With the snowcat, Curtis Gage’s Parents, Ben Girardi, Everyone at Gibbons

Thank you so much to our Sponsors: Steamworks Team LTD Underground Tuning Revolution Powersports Yuki Threads Munster Oxbow Whistler POW Gloves Slash Snowboards

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