Evo is adding hospitality to its growing ecosystem and continues to expand its presence in Canada with the acquisition of a new lodge in Whistler, the Journeyman Lodge.

For those who aren’t familiar, The Journeyman Lodge is located 13.8 km from the Callaghan Country Base, towards Callaghan Lake past the Whistler Olympic Park (ski jumps etc.). It’s an epic backcountry lodge that allows access to some of the most epic terrain around Whistler.

The Journeyman Lodge, Whistler, BC

“As Evo’s ecosystem continues to evolve and grow, the decision to purchase the Journeyman Lodge was a natural one. An incredible touchpoint in the Sea to Sky corridor, The Journeyman Lodge will bring the community and guests together through shared experiences across every facet of our ecosystem: hospitality (lodging, food & beverage), recreation, retail, and travel. It embodies our vision to meet people where they play and deliver a truly unique experience. It was clear early on in the conversation with the Founder and President of the Journeyman Lodge, Brad Sills, that we shared values and a vision for unlocking the full potential of this incredible space. Brad’s deep trust in evo building on the foundation he has created led to this moment, and we are humbled to have the opportunity to carry the torch forward with this incredible team.

Today the lodge welcomes guests from all over the world seeking an opportunity to connect with nature through a multitude of winter activities, including backcountry skiing, splitboarding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. With over 18,000 acres of terrain and close proximity to Whistler and Vancouver, our approach moving forward is through the lens of invitation. Drawing on the incredible landscape, there is a natural progression towards supporting a shared passion for the outdoors, expanding from winter operations to include the summer and fall. We see a significant opportunity to build on the educational and experiential components working with our non-profit partners to share these experiences and continue our commitment towards driving a positive impact and igniting the adventurous spirit that lives within us all.” – Coco Farrell, GM, Evo Canada

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