First of many from this group! We focused on the good vibes and how fun it is to work towards a passion project with your friends. We are trying to show that you don’t need a big budget or much support to throw together a proper snowboard video. All four of us are from Central Canada, from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay. There weren’t big snowboard scenes where we grew up so we naturally found our own paths. We wanted to have a nice balance of street riding and mountain riding to offer something for all audiences and capture the A.T.V aspect that we love watching in our favourite pro’s. Some of us spent two full winters filming these parts and we all used our own money that we saved up from our summer jobs. Everyone who helped us from filmers to photographers to our gear hook ups did it because they saw how much we believe in what we’re doing. This is just the start for us and our long relationships with snowboarding. – Quinn Anderson